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Our Consulting & Portfolio

We consult, analyze & develop to create online assets for you … not expenses!

Has your last project delivered & been successful?
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See some of our creations below.

Online Portfolio Risk Management System (PRMS)

Adelaide financial firm, Investment Science Asset Management (now BlueSky Alternative Investments) wanted to upgrade their existing Excel spreadsheet PRMS system.

Online Strategic Risk Adviser Analysis Tool (SRAAT)

Later named “Telos“, this objectives based financial planning tool for Advisers helps develop a path to a target retirement income.

IT Systems Analysis, Advice & Creation of Dynamic Systems Overview

Financial institution, GoMarkets needed a clear picture about their ICT systems to enable the development of new growth strategies.

Worked performed by Auscomp
  • Analysis of existing 200 Excel spreadsheets.
  • Full concept, design, development and project management of entirely new real-time online system.
  • Implementation with website integration and full in-house back-end administration.

The modeling process time was cut from 10 hours to 3 seconds.

Completed on time and within budget for a fraction of other quotes.

The system was specifically designed such that all further administration and modifications could be easily continued in-house.

Later acquired by Blue Sky Alternative Investments.

Work provided by Auscomp
  • Complete analysis of existing system
  • Concept, design, development & project management of entirely new system.
  • Implementation with website integration and full in-house back-end administration.

The system was specifically designed so all maintenance, future development and alterations could be easily continued in-house.

It was delivered on time and within budget – for less than half of other quotes.

Worked performed by Auscomp
  • Analysis of their current ICT system using our custom IT SWAT solution.
  • Created a dynamic and interactive snapshot of the current ICT systems.
  • Completed recommendations and action reports.

An interactive and dynamic ICT systems overview was developed which gave management a clearer picture of the current systems was developed.

Along with advice, recommendations and action report, a new growth strategy was able to be developed aligning their ICT systems with their future business ideas, plans, wants and needs

Everything was delivered on time and well below other consultants would have charged.

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The Ultimate Self-Serve Portal
– Enterprise Product Solution Guide

TrackITOnline wanted a more efficient way for customers to select the right product from literally thousands of possible options. A new and simpler way to select products online (and without costly human intervention) was needed. 

Managed App & Cloud Service

Born from a will to tackle the dilemma of childminding costs and taking cars off the road. AirParents is a free app that connects parents in the same school or area with similar before and after school child minding requirements.

Website, Induction & Roster Solution

A labor hire company’s old, static website needed a complete overhaul. A manual, Excel spreadsheet based induction system restricted company growth.

Work performed by Auscomp
  • Full concept, design and development of an easy to use dynamic “Self Serve” Product Solution Guide selector was created with a simple back-end administration system for in house management – particularly so products could be quickly added, updated or deleted accordingly.
  • The quick and efficient “drill down” product selection options made choosing easy, simple and stress free.
  • A company branded quote was automatically generated as a PDF which clients could print off.
  • The solution was branded in company logo and colours, then embedded into the website sales funnel.
  • The sales vastly multiplied in a very short space of time.
  • Customer satisfaction improved with quick and efficient selection.
  • Resources for both staff and costs improved with the dynamic “self serve, drill down” system.
  • The entire system was delivered on time and within budget and offered an extremely good ROI.

Later acquired by Bluechip Infotech.

Work provided by Auscomp
  • Development and submission of iOS and Android App.
  • App back-end for user management and push notifications.
  • Branding, incl. logo design and all graphics for website and newsletter system.
  • Domain registration, email system and IT systems setup.
  • Twitter and Facebook presence.
  • Maintenance and administration of entire system.
  • Website.
  • Newsletter system.

A complete online system which is now online for a year and was shortlisted as valuable service around the globe – Refer to runners up in the 100 resilient cities of the world challenge.

Work performed by Auscomp
  • Branding: Logo update and all graphics.
  • Full website overhaul from static to CMS driven system.
  • Online induction and roster system which also works on mobile devices.
  • New capability statement (design, layout and graphics).

The company’s growth tripled within a year or two.

The ROI was achieved within a few months.

With the new website and online solutions, the manual bottlenecks for the delivery of inductions and staff rosters were completely removed.

The new website and capability statement provided a clear and concise picture of branding and services provided.

Clients serviced with Induction & Rostering systems which were designed & created by Auscomp for easy in-house administration & maintenance:

  • Houston’s Farms – (Farm Operations  + Factory Production Inductions).
  • Premium Fresh Tasmania (Factory Induction).
  • Petuna.
  • Huon Acquaculture.
  • AutoRent.
  • Pyengana.

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Web & Intranet Solution for Education (WISE)

Development of school portal with payment gateway, sports hub and enterprise newsletter system. Plus an iOS and Android App including back-end push notifications and real-time parents engagement platform.

Events & Conference Management System – incl. Ticketing & Payments)

A new system to replace the existing management processes, which was largely based on Excel spreadsheets and other third party products, was needed. The company’s growth was being hampered by the mainly manual processes of managing communication and ticketing for large annual conferences across Australasia (Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore & Thailand) and primarily for AGIC – The Australian Grains Industry Conferences.

Website & Facility Booking System

A website which included a self managed facility booking system was required for a brand new shared facility for hire operated by the New Town Bay Rowing Club which consists of four separate entities:  St Virgil’s College, Buckingham Rowing Club, Tasmania University Rowing Club and TIS “Tasmania Institute of Sports”.

Work performed by Auscomp
  • Web Portal development with central calendar, events management system incl. RSVP and enrolment system.
  • Enterprise newsletter system.
  • Sports website with news posts, games rosters, locations, games ON/OFF, students term sports selection.
  • iOS and Android app which fetches website, newsletter and calendar information in real-time (so no double-up work). Includes absent reporting and push notifications – also real-time.

As the Director of Development stated “The system Auscomp developed puts all important parent communication in the palm of the parents hands.”

The whole system is easy to maintain in-house and information can be pushed out to parents immediately.

Each term, the new sports selections save the Director of Sports days of paperwork as students and parents sign-up online generating a report of who’s doing which sport.

Auscomp was one of very first developers to ever introduce online child absent reporting way back in 2007. It alone, ultimately saves each and every school using such a system literally hundreds of hours each year in administration time, costs and phone calls.

Parents too save time as they can easily report an absence from their mobile whilst on the run and at any time of the day without having to wait until the office opens.

Best of all … in the event of any emergency or important announcement, parents can be notified on their mobiles in real-time.

Other schools and associated organisations using systems originally designed and developed by Auscomp. The top two have since been taken over by an IBM based company:

Work provided by Auscomp
  • Concept, design & development of a website plus international event & ticketing management system.
  • The solution included:
  • Easy to use back-end management system for multiple international annual conferences.
  • Complete ticketing system including: Full or part conference days, with or without dinner/presentations/special events, early bird and special discounts etc…)
  • Communication system.
  • Payment gateway with invoicing and receipts.

A complete online system which has been successfully used for multiple annual conferences across multiple countries.

The ROI occurred in a very short period of time and enabled the client to add as many conferences as desired and as they occur.

Work performed by Auscomp
  • Created website presence including domain registration, set up and administration.
  • Concept, design and creation of content and images for new website primarily from public access research information across all four clubs.
  • An easy back end system was implemented for simple in-house administration and maintenance.
  • Concept, design and development of new online booking system for all facilities as used by all four clubs.

All four rowing clubs are now clearly presented on the one website for easy access and information.

The booking system for their combined facility is well established and used in the community.

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